E. Urbanová, J. Vaľo
výstup zo štipendia

Throughout our movement and choreographic research, our primary aim was to incorporate movement principles that facilitate instant connection with the current virtuosity and creativity of the performer, at the highest possible level. So, as they say in English, "to hit a sweet spot."
These principles, when combined, form a compact toolbox for choreographers or dancers. They can be employed in the creation of new movement material or in striving to reach the pinnacle of virtuosity during performance.
The principles we embrace stem from various sources, with particular emphasis on Butoh, a form of dance that delves into the profound aspects of human existence, aiming to reveal both the pleasures and pains of life. Butoh exercises a considerable influence on our methodology as we explore the core elements of physical and psychological being.Our keen interest in this practice primarily stems from its capacity to facilitate a profound connection with deeper layers of the body and presence. Furthermore, it enables us to tap into the subconscious aspects of ourselves, a facet which we consider crucial when engaging in the creative process.
In our research, we mainly concentrated on achieving a meditative state of mind, exploring the senses, and working the biography of the body.
The output from the scholarship will take place in the form of shared practice. During the presentation with you, we will share the principles we have worked with as well as a short choreography that has emerged based on our work with them.Participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to actively engage and try out the individual principles we have worked with. Please bring or wear comfortable clothing to ensure ease of movement.
At this link, you can read an article where Eva describes the course of the residency during which we worked on our research:

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Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council

Eva Urbanová
Eva Urbanová is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. In her choreographies, she aims at studying and critiquing the mechanisms of the social system, empowering women and demonstrating the concept of dualism. She concentrates on developing her own distinctive choreographic style and movement language, focusing on the use of the senses, biography of the body and meditative state of mind. Her main success is her solo THE ESSENCE, which received first place at the Gdansk Dance Festival 2022, second place in the Tanz Theatre Stuttgart International Competition 2021 Solo, and was chosen to be shown at the Slovak Dance Platform 2023. Her most recent work, ANOMALIE (2022), was chosen for the main programming at the Czech Dance Festival.
WEB: https://mmm.page/evaurbanova.about

Jozef Vaľo
Dancer, teacher and performer. Graduate of VŠMU - Dance theater and performance, MASA program Kibbutz contemporary dance company. In his choreography is focuses on opening social themes of coming out, death, social boundaries. When creating movement, he works with sensory perception and its influence on the quality of movement creation during improvisation.

Date: 02.03.2024

Time: 14:30

Place: TELOCVIČŇA - Rezidenčné centrum pre tanec

City: Bratislava

Entrance_fee: 2€