Residance 2021

Marlene Ruther (geboren 1989 in Bielefeld, living in Bochum) works as a movement partial performer both alone and in connection with other artists on stage and outdoors. She studied theater and political science in Erlangen and Montreal and is currently working on her master's degree in Scenic Research at the Ruhr-University Bochum. In her work she deals with different materials and various social situations. These include: 'erratic blocks': large stones as contemporary witnesses and stony dialogue partners, found photographs as reconstructions of past realities of life, metamorphoses of the body such as skeletons or healing bodies, environments of urban living in the Ruhr area, standstill and movement. Her works are performative in nature and, depending on the subject matter, require the case-related use of a variety of media: film, photography, the body, graphic and sculptural work, sound and text. Along with MFK, she is one of the two artists in the duo Locu&Ruth. In addition to her artistic work, she is active in educational and social professional fields. For several years she has been working regularly as a dance and theater educator with children and young people.


Trvanie rezidencie: 27.11.2021 - 18.12.2021