Residence duration: 2023-08-01 / 2023-08-21

Performance date: 2023-09-07 at 19:00

"Survivor syndrome" is a powerful solo performance by Mariia Kondratieva, a Ukrainian dancer, performer, and contemporary dance teacher. This conceptual work is inspired by Mariia's own experience as a fresh mom, who, along with her three-month-old baby, had to flee from the war in Ukraine. The premiere of the performance is a testament to Mariia's resilience and the result of her "survivor syndrome".
Through the language of body movements and a captivating stage presence, Mariia shares her experience with the audience. Her need to talk with the viewer is evident throughout the performance, as she communicates her story through the metaphorical language of art. The performance prompts reflection on the impossibility of using war as a means of solving anything in the 21st century, the flagrant non-modernity of the idea of forcefully seizing foreign lands and imposing one's rules on other people. Maria emphasizes the importance of creating a peaceful future for the next generation.
"Survivor syndrome" is a remarkable performance that showcases Mariia's talent as a dancer and her ability to use art as a medium to convey her message. Her belief in light shines through in her every move, as she leaves the audience with a powerful experience.

IDEA/DANCE: Mariia Kondratieva
MUSIC: Katya Chilly 
DRAMATURGY: Monika Jasinskaite, Mariia Kondratieva