The theme of Residance 2022 is MAINTENANCE - in terms of the daily need for care of body, soul and the space in which we are.

It reflects the potential of dance in a broader social context and also specifically in the Telocvičňa project. From a certain point of view, it also captures the broader context of the current social experience we are gaining. Gradual healing seeks the responsibility of new energy sources, accompanying increasing (collective) and reciprocity.

The Telocvičňa is a space where we share energy, physical and mental strength, caring, emotions, crisis moments, creative solutions, brainstorming, and friendship.

# maintenance # continuous body care and mental health #power and stability
# regular training # sharing principles # sharing facts # reciprocity


Residance program:
Offers 3 dance residences for Slovak and foreign artists (groups max 3) in the Telocvičňa residencies center in Bratislava (May - December 2022)

Artists will receive:
• Telocvičňa for rehearsals (2-3 weeks, 5-8 hours per day)
• Accommodation in the area of ​​Nova Cvernovka (2-3 weeks)
• Fee
• Mentoring (if interested)
• Photo documentation of the creation process

For whom is the residence suitable:
• International co-production dance projects of Slovak artists
• Foreign artists and collectives
• Artists - parents (even with a child)

What we expect from the artist:
• 1 public presentation at the end of the process (sharing session / artist lecture / work in progress performance / workshop for the local community and the public)




Deadline for application: 1. april 2022

Application form